Sequence an award-winning science fiction writer's genome, while Neil Gaiman sings to you

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Author Jay Lake, the winner the Campbell Award and numerous other honors, is undergoing his fourth round of chemotherapy right now — and you can help him fight his cancer. Some of your favorite science fiction and fantasy authors have donated "acts of whimsy," to raise money to sequence Jay Lake's genome and possibly suggest a new treatment path for his tumor.


Top image: Dan Dos Santos.

Right now, the campaign has raised $6,800 of the $10,000 goal — and there are still some major acts of whimsy to be "unlocked." Including Cherie Priest putting on a "steampunk fashion show" with her pets. And Patrick Rothfuss unleashing a "terrible surprise." And lots of singing — Paul Cornell, Seanan McGuire, John Scalzi and Neil Gaiman have all promised to sing different things if various goals are reached. (Gaiman's performance will only happen if the campaign hits $20K, and it involves the Magnetic Fields and a ukulele.)


So please go and donate! [Youcaring]

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Can anyone recommend any great science fiction BOOK series to me in the context of someone who's got a proverbial...attraction toward media as Babylon 5, Star Trek, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, or Firefly? In general, engaging stories with complex characters and plots with a taste of adventure and travel that won't be too crazy with the science? Be it earthy or spacey sci-fi, near future or full blown futuristic or existent in a different part of the universe.

-Hint...don't try Dune on me. It's my only book series currently of a broad sci-fi nature sitting amongst so many medieval and medi-fan novels on my shelves. THIS. MUST. CHANGE.-