Send Up a Prayer for Finished Effects After Watching This Deleted Once Upon a Time Scene

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In a deleted scene from the fifth season of Once Upon a Time, Hook confronts Regina about the whole “kill your father thing.” That’s not the best part of this deleted scene. The best part is the effects.


I know that there’s no reason to finish the effects on a deleted scene. I also know that Once Upon a Time’s effects are, at best, a little wobbly. But the green screen on display here is amazingly bad. It gives all the real things a solid line around them and flattens out the actors. They all look like paper dolls and I love it.

Watch the scene, via Entertainment Weekly, below and love it as I do.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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I feel like this show could’ve been so much better if it tried to move it’s plot in a direction other than “add all Disney characters possible to a small American town for family drama”. I mean, they start with the premise that every fictional universe exists. The possibilities are endless! But instead of the infinitely fantastic possibilities that come with that premise... we get this.

Also, the costumes make the characters look like average cosplayers. Not bad, per se, but not good enough for the big screen.