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Self Aware Slave Brains Threaten To Ruin Muffy's Tea Party

Illustration for article titled Self Aware Slave Brains Threaten To Ruin Muffys Tea Party

The wealthy get to escape from all those annoying little tasks by outsourcing their awareness to a Human Processing Unit, in the new short film Outsource. These unfortunate HPU's live in a world surrounded by computer screens, and take over when the wealthy tire of doing the simple boring things... like the third charity luncheon of the week, attending your children's sporting events and having to listen to other peoples problems. Sounds fantastic — sign me up. But this exciting lifestyle of luxury is ruined when two HPUs discover that they're not alone and fall in love, ruining everything. What a bunch of selfish little peons. Click through for the gallery on the world of HPUs. Outsource follows the love story of Max and Alice, who are neighboring HPUs, and are apparently forced to wear the Tron guy's hand-me-downs. They spend their entire life servicing their hosts but slowly the two become aware of one another and fall in love. Now they have to break out of their TV cells for love. Outsource is debuting at festivals across the country including the Fantastic Fest on September 18 in Austin, TX. [Outsource Film via Quiet Earth]


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Corpore Metal

I don't now if these HPUs are really that bizarre a concept to grasp at all. I think the trends are already there.

HPUs are really the secretaries, staffs, personal librarians, advisors and butlers that rich folks already have. Rich folks and famous people, whenever they want to, have always sent stand-ins to events or meetings they just didn't want to deal with. They always had someone else, someone who they pay, to do their research legwork.

So the real interesting question is, how did society change in the world of this film to legally allow enslavement? Wouldn't it be more realistic to portray HPUs working for minimum wage and no health insurance at a boring, dead end job?