Bounty-hunter Mark Hamill has a deadly showdown with a pissed-off android, in the climax to Steve "Tron" Lisberger's Slipstream. Bullets don't work, running him over with an airship doesn't work, even face-of-God babbling fails.

(The "face of God" thing is a reference to something the android mentioned earlier in the film.)

Poor Mark Hamill. His career is best thought of as two peaks: Star Wars at one end, and the animated Joker at the other. And then in the middle, you've got films like Slipstream and Time Runner. At least Slipstream isn't as incoherent as Time Runner, and at least it features Bill "Big Love" Paxton as a Han Solo-style rogue and sometime arms dealer and bounty-hunter. Who gives kittens to women as presents. [IMDB]