Seeking a friend for the end of the world? Try survivalist dating sites

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A well prepared partner might be the key to surviving the apocalypse, but how do you make sure that your special someone is as serious about proper food storage and basic medical training as you are? Consider posting a profile on a survivalist dating site.


With dating sites for every community, hobby, and quirk, it makes sense that the prepper community would form their own dating sites. After all, if you spend most of your free time hunting and fishing, a vegetarian with severe pollen allergies might not be your perfect match. Sites like Kwink (a combination of "quirk" and "kink"), Survivalist Singles, and PrepperDating offer an online environment where preppers can find mates and, in the words of PrepperDating. "no longer have to feel like you're wearing a tinfoil hat when talking to someone about your need to be prepared." There are even places for folks who believe in the 2012 Mayan apocalypse. Well, there is a lid for every cracked pot.

Survivalist Singles lets preppers seek out groups for commune or polyamorous living, but what surprises me about these sites is that you can't search by skill. If you're trying to find the perfect partner (or partners) for the end of the world, don't you want to find one with complementary skills?


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