See You Yesterday Is About Time Travel With an Urgent Purpose

CJ (Eden Duncan-Smith) races to try and save her brother.
Image: Netflix
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In the first trailer for the Spike Lee-produced sci-fi film See You Yesterday, a young woman loses her brother because of police brutality. Instead of sitting back as injustice destroys her family and home, she chooses to fight back using the best tool in her arsenal: time travel.


See You Yesterday is an adaptation of a 2017 short film created by Stefon Bristol, who directed this full-length version and co-wrote it with Fredrica Bailey. The feature film sees Broadway veteran Eden Duncan-Smith and newcomer Dante Crichlow returning to their short film roles as CJ and Sebastian, two science prodigies who have been working on time travel machines that they’ve placed inside of backpacks.

Everything changes when CJ’s older brother Calvin (Astro) is killed during an encounter with an NYPD police officer. Desperate to save him from an act of police brutality, CJ and Sebastian choose to go back in time to try and stop him from being killed. This hasty move comes with risks—not just because stopping or stalling his death may lead to other consequences, but also because the tech is unfinished, putting the teens themselves in danger.


See You Yesterday begins streaming May 17 on Netflix.

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This is a really compelling sounding story, I’m curious how they’re going to address the paradoxical elements of the story. (Not saying it will be better or worse for how they do it, just simply curious.) Doctor Who is so magical and fuzzy in how it deals with time it doesn’t really make much of a difference while Trek tries to be so grounded it often becomes muddy and drags on the story as they often contradict other stories while all trying to remain canon (I’ve only seen it done well a handful of times on Trek). It will be interesting to see how they pull this all together.