A few of us at io9 are taking a space cruise out to Denver for this year's WorldCon (known this year as Denvention), a venerable science fiction convention devoted to SF writing. Many of our favorite writers will be there, so expect several posts about the latest SF literary news. Annalee (that's me) will be taking a tour of NORAD with a bunch of smartypants SF writers, getting their reactions along the way, so that should make for an interesting conference report. If you're going to be at Denvention, say hi to myself and Charlie Jane, or join us for a Saturday night cocktail before the Hugo Awards Ceremony. io9 cocktails will take place in the Hyatt Regency bar, Saturday Aug. 9, from 5:00ish until 6:30ish. Yes, we will have some pins and stickers for first-comers. See you there! [WorldCon Denvention]