See What Your Favorite Webcomics Look Like Animated

There are tons of webcomics out there that would make great animated series, and animator Matt Bixler gives us a taste of what those cartoons would look like.

At Webcomics Animated, Bixler takes a single moment or character from a wide array of webcomics and turns it into an animated gif. You can see a few of his gifs below, but be sure to check out the rest at his blog—including a NSFW gif from the bawdy webcomic Oglaf. If he hasn't hit your favorite webcomic yet, don't fret; he's posting a new animated panel each week. Axe Cop has already been turned into a TV series; why not one of these comics? (Although Oglaf, admittedly, could appear only on certain networks.)

Up top is his gif for Meredith Gran's Octopus Pie. Incidentally, Gran is also an animator and made an animated trailer for one of her books.


Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton


Vattu by Evan Dahm:


Dumbing of Age by David Willis:


Gunnerkrigg Court

by Tom Siddell:



Webcomics Animated



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Is Oglaf too much to hope for? :)