See What BB-8 Sees in a New Star Wars Resistance Short

What it looks like when you peer out of BB-8's chrome dome.
What it looks like when you peer out of BB-8's chrome dome.
Image: Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm is giving Star Wars Resistance fans a little holiday present as they wait for the show to come back in 2019. Twelve new short films starring Kaz, Torra, Yeager, and the crew will premiere throughout December on the Disney Channel YouTube.


The first three are out today, one of which gives us a Star Wars point of view we haven’t seen yet: BB-8's.

I love that we finally get to see what BB-8 sees in this short. Sure, it’s exactly like everyone else, just with a circle around it and from a lower angle, but it’s cool nonetheless.


Here are the second and third shorts as well.

Keep an eye out for more shorts here, while we wait for those new episodes of Resistance in January.

Correction: Disney uploaded three shorts, not one, so we updated the article with that information, along with the other shorts.

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Wasn’t Phantom Menace the only film in the series to date that gave us a droid POV shot? (when Anakin is showing off 3PO?)