See The True Strength and Power of Undersea Currents In This Video

"Ocean Gravity" is a project by director and underwater cameraman Julie Gautier and shows diver Guillaume Néry being propelled through the Tiputa pass, north of Tahiti. If you thought that life moved slower under the waves, here's proof that it doesn't.

On their website, Néry says about this film:

my diving has always propelled my imagination to the fantasy of space conquest. To touch the sea floor or to set foot on an unexplored planet, here are two fascinating adventures which feed my thirst of the unknown. The discovery of this quite unique place, the Tiputa Pass, made it possible to put the visual closeness of two universes – water and air, ocean and space – into film


[via Colossal]

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I had to stop watching that. It's a beautiful video and I appreciate the subject matter, but all that blackness just freaks me out. I have a deep seated, primal fear of deep water stemming from an incident years ago off the coast of St. Tropez.

We went out on a rental and decided to have a dip in the sea. We were only a few hundred yards from shore and the water was crystal clear. I remember having fun splashing about until I looked down, clear to the bottom and saw sharks circling. They weren't interested in us at all as far as I can tell, but it panicked me no end. I don't really think it was the sharks that bothered me, it was the fact that you have no idea what's down there, that you might have literally miles of water below you concealing who knows what.

Since then, even being on a ship makes me nervous. I'll paddle in the sea with my kids, but that's it. Even swimming pools make me twitchy. It's weird because I'm a really strong swimmer and am qualified for open water SCUBA diving.

Urgh... I need a cup of tea now... Remind me to tell you the cuttlefish story sometime.