See the timeline of Weyland Industries and witness the birth of the David android

The full Prometheus trailer isn't the only exciting new media Ridley Scott is sharing today. The Weyland Industries website has been updated with a timeline of the corporation, along with a video of the birth of a certain android. Minor spoilers.


If you head over to the Weyland Industries site, you can see the full corporate timeline (in Facebook's new left-to-right timeline structure; apparently it is the design of the future), and there's a special focus on the development of David, the company's increasingly human-like android, and Weyland's goals to have David recognized as a cybernetic individual by humanity at large. Incidentally, Weyland is also named one of the top 50 companies for female executives, so not all the badass ladies are working aboard spaceships.

We also get a peek at the birth of one of the latest David models, played by Michael Fassbender. Even with a human actor, it's startling to see him come to life. [via Comic Book Movie]


And don't forget to check out our first impressions of the full Prometheus trailer.

Edit: Commenter TwiceDead pulled this juicy gem from the timeline:

Weyland astronomers discover multiple moons and a ringed planet just outside the Zeta 2 Reticula System, which are possibly able to support life. Weyland expects to travel there within the century.
MAY 14, 2039


Intriguing. Very intriguing.

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All that money spent on making the robots look lifelike, but Weyland couldn't just dye that milky white "blood" a more reddish color?