From the gory mind of Black Sheep director Jonathan King comes a playful, but still frightening, adaptation of alien-war epic Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee. Check out the trailer and the unique faces of Earth's new arch-enemy.

The basic premise is that a pair of twins discovers an alien race deep in the basement of a run down home (technically, the Wilberforces reside under a string of extinct volcanoes). With the help of a kindly old Sam Neill, they set out to defeat the horrible race and discover their hidden powers in the process. The make-up really does look pretty fun, and it looks like a neat addition to the burgeoning field of young-adult science fiction movie adaptations.

When teenage twins Rachel and Theo Matheson investigate the creepy old house next door, they discover the Wilberforces - shape-shifting creatures that lurk beneath Auckland's ring of extinct volcanoes. Guided by the mysterious Mr Jones and with the help of their older cousin Ricky, the twins must rekindle the unique powers they once shared if they are to destroy this ancient evil - before it destroys them.

Still no US release date yet, but we'll keep you posted.

See The Melted Slug Faces Of The Volcano Livin' Wilberforces


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