We’re heading into a long weekend. Sometimes you don’t need anything to celebrate other than to gawp at a glorious, gorgeous piece of comic book art that shows the Justice League’s finest superheroes locked in an all out brawl with some evil aliens. Sit back, relax, and be amazed.

The beautiful “widevision” cover is actually seven interconnected variant covers for this June’s Justice League of America #1, by iconic comics artist Bryan Hitch (who is also both writing the series and doing the interior art alongside fellow artist Wade von Grawbadger), each one depicting a member of the Justice League duking it out with an army of mysterious aliens hellbent on invading Earth. So you know, basically a Tuesday for the League.


Hitch is well known for his massive widevision art pieces for comics, but there’s a lot to love in this one. The DC Blog has each cover individually for you to admire, but check out all seven stitched together below into one massive image. Don’t forget to click the magnifying glass to embiggen!

My favorite touch? All the little Flashes zipping around in the background to emulate Barry’s superspeed. Lovely stuff.

Justice League of America #1 is out June 17th, which I’m sure gives you plenty enough time to stare at this awesome art and let it burn itself onto the back of your eyeballs.


[Via IGN]

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