See The Best Fight Scene from Dollhouse, According to Joss Whedon

The Dollhouse season 1 DVDs hit stores soon, complete with the show's brilliant unaired pilot and season finale. We've got an exclusive clip - with special io9 intro from Joss Whedon - of a terrific fight scene.

One of the things you'll learn when you get the DVDs is that this scene would have played a lot differently if you'd seen the show's original pilot. In the show as it aired, one of the central plot arcs was how former FBI Agent Ballard had destroyed his career searching for the legendary Dollhouse, and especially new recruit Echo. Instead of us waiting several episodes for Agent Ballard to meet Echo, however, the original pilot has them meeting almost immediately.


In the show as it aired, the two don't meet until much later (for example, during this fight scene from episode 6).

Knowing that Ballard and Echo had a backstory really helps to explain the tension between them throughout the season, which always seemed a little unmotivated or (on Ballard's part) kind of weirdo-stalkery. When you see the original pilot in its full glory, you'll understand why Ballard zeroed in on Echo as the person he wanted to save.

The DVD set drops July 28.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I love Whedon's work, but every time I listen to his commentaries, all I can think is that the man has an ego to big for the internet to hold.