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It's been ages since we've heard anything about the Timur Bekmambetov-produced alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour. Until now. Take a look at the first ever comic book poster inspired by the movie.


Thanks to Slashfilm, we now have a great look at this poster. According to an earlier press release from Oni (the distributors of the new Darkest Hour art book, which will most likely be full of art like this), "this poster features an image of destruction at the Taj Mahal, with two soldiers from opposite sides of a centuries-long conflict fighting together as the last men standing against the unseen alien invaders." It's illustrated by Brian Hurtt and colored by Bill Crabtree.

We're not entirely sure what this new image has to do with the main story, which reportedly follows a group of American tourists on vacation in Moscow during the beginning of the alien invasion. But what we do know is that it looks violent — which we like. And also a little Independence Day-ish, with the uniting of conflicted cultures, which makes us nervous. But look — lightning explosions!


Also, if you head over to the website on the poster, you get a bunch of youtube videos about ball lightning:

Ball lightning is a proposed atmospheric electrical phenomenon of which little is known. The term refers to reports of luminous, usually spherical objects which vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. It is usually associated with thunderstorms, but lasts considerably longer than the split-second flash of a lightning bolt. Many of the early reports say that the ball eventually explodes, sometimes with fatal consequences.

It is presently unknown whether these are actually related to any naturally occurring phenomenon. Scientific data on natural ball lightning are scarce. The true nature of ball lightning is still unknown. Until recently, ball lightning was often regarded as a fantasy or a hoax, but some serious scientific discussions and theories have attempted to explain it.

Clearly it's just more viral marketing, but at least the ball lighting videos are interesting enough. How do you feel about more alien invasion films? Are we excited, or have we had our fill?

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