Summer in Zootopia by Byron Howard will be available May 5. All Images: Cyclops Print Works

Last year offered several stellar animated films. But in my mind, of all the Oscar-nominated animated films in 2016, the rightful winner took the prize: Zootopia.

We’ve written a bunch about what made Zootopia so good and how it marked yet another landmark for Disney Animation. What you don’t realize about a film like this, though, is... you can’t have a piece of it. Sure you can own the Blu-ray and memories are forever, but unlike a live-action film, computer animated films only exist as zeroes and ones. The high-end collectibles market is really kind of non-existent.


That is, unless, one of the film’s directors does a limited edition art piece of the film’s characters.

This is the long way of saying we’re excited to debut a brand new piece from Cyclops Print Works called Summer in Zootopia, by co-director Byron Howard. It’s an 18 x 24 inch, 23-color serigraph in an ultra-limited edition of 200. You see the full piece above, and here’s a peek at Howard personally signing each copy.


That’ll go on sale at noon PST on May 5. At the same time, Disney artist Eric Tan will release a different, but equally beautiful and limited, letterpress from The Jungle Book.

That’s a 14 x 11 inch edition of 195.

For more on both prints, and to buy them if you so please, go to the Cyclops website.