See Stargate SG-1's Beginnings In A Shiny New Light Plus New Stargate Movie In The Works

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Looks like Stargate SG-1 is about to go the way of the original Star Wars, with fancy new CGI-enhanced special editions. At the premiere party for Stargate: Continuum, writer Brad Wright revealed that a re-cut and re-edited pilot of the original Stargate pilot might actually see the light of day in a special DVD in Blu-ray. We also got to ask your favorite Stargate stars some spoilery questions, and got Ba'al to admit he wants to be in an alien love scene. I asked Richard Dean Anderson some imperative Stargate questions, and got Teal'c to say "indeed." Click through for party pics and details. UPDATE: At the SDCC panel Wright confirmed that MGM was indeed hoping to make yet another Stargate movie.


You could be seeing the recut Stargate pilot in the next few months. "I was at the final mix the night before last," Wright revealed. "It's an MGM thing now, [as to] when they want to release it."

So why did Wright feel that the SG-1 pilot needed a re-cut? "The reason I did it was because I was watching the pilot...and I thought, 'Man we can do better than this.'" The visual effects some of them were kind of shaky. And I wanted to get rid of some of the bad dialog I wrote 12 years ago. So I did. And mainly it was to incorporate Joel Goldsmith's score, brought back the way it should be. Hopefully the fans won't kill me for it, I think it's going to be great."

Besides talk of possibly destroying classic scifi there was a Stargate party going on, atop of the San Diego Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. Many of our favorite 'gaters were there, and we got to pester them with the things you all wanted to know, like if Richard Dean Anderson thinks Colonel Samantha Carter looks hotter with short hair or long hair.

Cliff Simon (Ba'al):

Have you given any thought to the new character you're going to have to become, the person that Ba'al has been living in for 2,000 years is now free?

I've given it a lot of thought. I hope Brad Wright does. He could be a very interesting character. He could be worse than Baal, as far as being a bad, bad human being. He could be a really great guy. We don't know. I've thought about it for down the road and the future.

What's the attraction to Qetesh? She's so vicious. I would have hoped Ba'al was smarter than that.


She's beautiful. What else can I say? He's vicious too. Can you imagine them together? I've been saying, Guys, let's write an alien love scene, come on, come on. No, she's evil and she's actually a real adversary for Ba'al.

Ben Browder (Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell):

Continuum gives you a lot of screen time, what did you think when you read the script?


I called Brad Wright and I thanked him. I said thank you, you've given me some great things to do.

I have a lot of fun stuff to do. I get to put on prosthetics, I get to go to the arctic, I get a few quiet character moments. I just thought Brad did a great job with the script.


What did you think of yourself in all that make up?

Wasn't me. That was my grandfather. I actually thought they did a really nice job with the prosthetics.


Chris Judge (Teal'c):

Do you think you could be reappearing on Stargate Atlantis any time soon?

I really don't know. The time depends on what goes on with my other projects. It's just the timing issue. If I'm available I'd love to go there. I think there will be - I don't like to rehearse anything. I don't like to rehearse dialog or fight scenes or anything. But we rehearsed this fight scene, and it just showed me that Jason's in his mid twenties and I'm not.


Do you ever catch yourself saying indeed?

Ummmm, no because... You just want me to say, "indeed." Well, um, no....indeed.

Richard Dean Anderson (Major General Jack O'Neill):

What was your favorite part of being in Continuum, being with the cast or the plot?


Filming in Antarctica. Getting a chance to go to the Arctic. I've never been North of Alaska.

Samantha Carter: short or long hair?

Whatever she feels is appropriate?

Seriously...come on?

You want to know what I think? I guess whatever she feels most comfortable in. I'm stepping into a trap [laughs]. As a guy if I pick a side suddenly..oooh chauvinist. What about a buzz cut?



Re-cut to lose the Showtime-Era full frontal nudity is more like it. SG-1 was supposed to be a lot more edgy and adult when it was on premium cable, but that quickly fell to the wayside after a few eps when they found that formula just didn't work for whatever reason.

Not that I mind, but don't expect me to go trading in my original season one dvd's for this new version anytime soon.