See Robots, Megan Fox at Play in New "Transformers 2" Clips

Wheelie gets into a sticky situation with Megan Fox, and humans and robots battle, in new clips from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It's our first look at how those crazy-cakes robo-action scenes from the trailer will look in context.

Both clips run just over a minute and are dubbed in German, but then, who watches Michael Bay films to grok the dialogue? Not us. We merely demand things to be AWESOME!


The first clip is a too-cute, Gremlins-y scene with Wheelie that illustrates the build-a-better-moustrap adage and is redeemed by a few moments with Megan Fox. (Turns out she's just as hotttt in German; maybe more so, if you pick up a little dominatrix vibe amid her stern Teutonic consonants... Wait, where were we?)

The second is a conventional battle scene involving humans and robots, with Josh Duhamel leading what appears to be an international squadron in combat at a construction site in Asia:

So, having seen the clips, who's inspired to get in line now for Transformers 2? And who thinks that a typically incoherent Michael Bay narrative would be much more fun to watch in German? [via Superhero Hype]

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Also, why the $#@! can't Bay use the goddamn transforming sound? They played in one of the trailers for the first movie, predominately placed to get the fanboys all excited, then you hear it when Blackout transforms in the opening scene (right when said fanboys are looking for it the most)...and never again.

I don't hear it in this clip, so I'm assuming it won't be anywhere in the sequel. My guess is, he just doesn't like it and giving a big fat middle finger to the fans as usual. He's already changed the robot designs so much, can't he throw us one little bone?