There's always been something unsettling about the "real life" Disney Theme Park characters. The folks who can't hide behind a giant Winnie the Pooh head, anyway.


So it's a bit unnerving that Pixar's Princess Merida from the Scottish fairytale Brave has joined the ranks of these live-action impersonations of Disney characters. Watch the first ever video of the real-life Merida running about in the Disney wild, leaving clumps of ginger hair in the public restrooms.

The good news? Both girls look great, especially the hair and those frightening but beautiful eyes. Some things need a little work, but overall we're glad there's a wild ginger running around shooting bows and arrows in the park and trampling mud all over Cinderella's dress. And that makes us very, very happy (and a little scared). Merida hasn't officially joined the cast yet, but you can expect her in the next few weeks.

[via The Mary Sue]

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