See Lois Lane and Perry White square off in a new Man of Steel clip!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Check out new set videos for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, plus new clips from World War Z, Kick-Ass 2, and This Is The End. The Twelfth Doctor could be announced by as soon as next month. Deborah Snyder and David S. Goyer explain the superhero physics of Man of Steel. Spoilers right now!

Top image from Man of Steel.

Man of Steel

Here's a Daily Planet-set clip featuring Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White.

And here's another TV spot.

Producer Deborah Snyder discusses how her husband Zack Snyder's decision to shoot the entire movie with handheld cameras aided the realistic tone of the film:

I think it’s a whole different — again, the whole movie’s handheld. That’s something completely different. He just wanted to approach this film in a different way. I mean, so I think you are going to see something that’s new. I think you’re going to see something that’s more organic. Again, we’re shooting more on physical locations than we ever have before. It was very important to really put him in our real world, so that’s kind of — I think all those decisions led to how he’s operating the camera. It all kind of — when that’s your end goal, you make certain choices to get to that goal... He’s shooting the action in a different way on this one. I mean, it’s still going to be really awesome and a lot of the movie — I mean, listen, there’s a certain style to it. You know, I don’t think it’s going to be as handheld as say like, a Bourne, where it’s very messy. But, it’s definitely, I think you’ll be pleased at the action and what he’s doing, but he is doing different things.


Screenwriter David S. Goyer builds on that by explaining how the film approaches the more fantastical aspects of the character, all while staying relatively grounded:

Yeah, this is true to the Superman world. It’s just that, this is an attempt to depict a slightly more realistic take on it. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be Goth Superman or something like that.

Well, was there anything that you were writing that you took out because you said, “This is too much, this is too cartoony, this is too something,” and you said, “This isn’t going to fit in my realistic way or portraying this character”?
No, only because that was the approach from the beginning. I mean, it was always just, if this kind of really happened in the real world, even in terms of how his powers work, I mean, Zack and his team did a really interesting sort of scale of power, and they did a sort of how much fire power each of the.. .a 40 caliber bullet, a .50, you know, these kinds of things, like a shell grenade would work on a human versus a Kryptonian. Like, you’ll get the physics on all of that, so that like, an M-4 would knock a human back this far. An M-4 would knock a Kryptonian back this far. You know, the fire power from the A-10 Warthogs would knock a human back this far. It will knock a Kryptonian back this far. So, we sort of did all the physics on it, or Zack’s team did all the physics, so that it’s that attempt. So there are rules and science rules within this movie and this universe that things have to apply to, so it’s not just like, magically do whatever. The Kryptonians can jump yea high in our gravity kind of thing. They can punch this hard, lift this much, that sort of thing.

There's still a ton more at the link. [Collider]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Here's a set video.

And here's the latest bunch of photos from the Cleveland set. They feature some great shots of Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier, Chris Evans as Captain America, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, and Anthony Mackie as Falcon. Check out the links for more. [,, and Comic Book Movie]

Illustration for article titled See Lois Lane and Perry White square off in a new Man of Steel clip!
Illustration for article titled See Lois Lane and Perry White square off in a new Man of Steel clip!
Illustration for article titled See Lois Lane and Perry White square off in a new Man of Steel clip!
Illustration for article titled See Lois Lane and Perry White square off in a new Man of Steel clip!
Illustration for article titled See Lois Lane and Perry White square off in a new Man of Steel clip!
Illustration for article titled See Lois Lane and Perry White square off in a new Man of Steel clip!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here's a set video from the filming of the movie's high school graduation scene, in which Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy is Valedictorian.

And here's a set photo. Check out more at the link. [Coming Soon]

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According to Heather Klimchuk, Alberta's Minister of Culture, director Christopher Nolan may shoot at least part of his upcoming sci-fi epic in the province:

“Alberta film has been working with Warner Bros. for the past few months, helping with location and things like that. It’s not green lit yet, but it is looking very positive.”


Nolan previously shot portions of Inception in Alberta. [Calgary Herald]

World War Z

Here's a TV spot.

Kick-Ass 2

Here's an international version of the latest trailer.

This Is The End

Here are four sneak peek clips from the celebrity-stuffed apocalyptic comedy.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Star Jay Baruchel discusses the sequel to one of Dreamworks' best ever films:

It took us three bloody years to do the first one so it’s a piecemeal process. I’ve been working on Dragon 2, on and off, for the past year and a half now. And boy is it ever something special. I truly adore the first one. I think it’s one of the greatest flicks ever. Period. And one of my proudest moments. So it’s no hyperbole when I say we smoke the first one with number two.

It’s going to be pretty incredible in every way. The emotional content, the action sequences, it’s everything it’s supposed to be and then some. It’s really going to be a pretty incredible, beautiful flick. People will go buy tickets, see this movie, and be taken on a journey like they’ve never been on.



Doctor Who

This isn't exactly surprising, but the casting process is reportedly already underway for the Twelfth Doctor — based on the linked report, I'm not sure any actors have actually auditioned yet, but the preliminary wheels appear to be in motion. We may actually know the identity of the Twelfth Doctor within the next month, as it's quite reasonably thought that the announcement needs to be made before the Christmas special begins filming, as otherwise the secret would inevitably be revealed in set photos. The report also mentions that the next season will be 12 — rather than 13 — episodes long, and that the BBC hasn't ruled out casting a woman as the Doctor. [Radio Times]


True Blood

Alexander Skarsgård discusses what's ahead for Eric this season:

“Someone is introduced, a new character, into Eric’s life... there’s someone new who’s suddenly part of his inner circle... We’re wrapping up. We’re now [doing] the last two episodes of the season. I’m obviously not going to reveal what happens in those last two episodes but Eric has been busy this year because, up until now, the humans have been blood bags. Eric doesn’t really care about humans and they can’t really do anything. But this season, for the first time in a millennium, the humans can actually fight back. The governor of Louisiana has figured out a way to be a real threat and fight back. So it’s tough for Eric. It’s not as easy as it was before, dealing with the humans.”


[Inquirer Entertainment]


Here are interviews with stars Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Susanna Thompson, David Ramsey, and Emily Bett Rickards.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim discusses the decision to kill off Tommy and what it means for season two, as well as Oliver's continued evolution into a hero:

When you get to the end of a season and you know there's another following, you want to strike a delicate balance between making the audience feel like you've wrapped up their story and closed a particular chapter, but at the same time you want them leaning in and wanting to come back for Season 2. There's a whole bunch of different ways to do that. For us, our big question is always, "What's going to give us the best story and the most story?" and when we did the "creative map" on killing off Tommy, it made us realize all these different stories that can now be told, along with different character dynamics that can now be played. It really was a stone thrown in the pond of "Arrow" and the ripples continue to extend. They'll echo throughout Season 2. We didn't kill off Tommy just to end the season with a bang. We did it for all the long term effects it will have on Oliver and the rest of the cast.

Last time we spoke, you said how in Season 1 the journey of Oliver went from one of a man trying to get vengeance and cross names off a list to one of a man trying to save a city. In light of Tommy's death, what can we expect Oliver's journey to be in Season 2?

Actually, in the digital comic [that bridges the gap between seasons one and two] there's a moment we'll look back on as the very last time Oliver was the vigilante. Season 2 is all about him going from vigilante to being a hero. There really is a difference. Especially in comics, we tend to use those words interchangeably, but Season 2 really spells out the difference between what it means to be a vigilante and what it means to be a hero. That's something we grab by the throat and don't let go of starting in episode 1 of Season 2. The digital comic presents the final, final moment of Oliver truly taking the law into his own hands and being judge, jury and executioner as opposed to being a more inspirational figure in the form of a hero.


[Comic Book Resources]

Teen Wolf

Here's a promo for the next episode, "Chaos Rising."

Costar Ian Bohen explains where his character Peter's head is at as season three beings:

There has been a little bit of a time lapse, and Peter has worked hard to get back into the good graces of everybody. He wants to be a part of the pack again and, in my opinion, he doesn’t want to be killing people anymore or getting back into his bad ways. He’s trying to reform himself, and I think he likes these guys. Having said all that, he’s definitely up to something and he has a master plan that we don’t know of yet. He’s really sewing the seeds of whatever sort of chaos he wants to happen, later on. I don’t actually believe he’s sincere, so we’ll have to see how far they’re willing to let him get back in, before something happens... He’s a great villain. He’s charismatic, he’s charming and he does bad things, but you kind of want to forgive him. He’s like a little puppy or a small child that you want to scold and be like, “Don’t do that anymore! Stop killing people!” And he’s like, “Okay, I’ll try not to do that.”


There's plenty more at the link. [Collider]

Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I really really really wish they wouldn't announce who was going to be the next Doctor.

I'm just confused that they can't keep that a secret. It's not like they would be filming more then a few minutes with the new Doctor, so I can't help feel that set pictures shouldn't be an issue. I could avoid all media for 6 months, but someone would spoil it for me.