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See Just How Beautiful Neverland Is in the New Pan Trailer

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The first trailer for Joe Wright’s Pan focused pretty hard on the characters and the relationship between Hook and Peter. This one doesn’t add much new to our understanding of the plot, but, man, is Neverland gorgeous.


There are globes of sea water filled with fish, a sky full of crystal, and lush jungle. It looks seriously good. Plus, is that the crocodile that will stalk Hook we spy at the 1:30 mark? He looks like he could take on one of the Jurassic World dinosaurs.

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Katherine, I’m not saying that this is concrete evidence for the existence of parallel worlds, but I just watched a trailer full of some okay CGI mixed in with outright terrible CGI, providing the backdrop for some high calibre actors in awful costumes to interact with an incredibly irritating child. I have no idea what you were watching.