Today you can finally get the paperback version of my book on the future of humanity, Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction. Plus, I'll be at Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge, MA this Thursday — and in my first-ever Reddit AMA this afternoon!


If you want to ask me anything on Reddit this afternoon, I'll be in the fabulous r/books castle starting at 10 AM Pacific time, and lingering for a few hours to answer your burning questions about apocalypse, survival, and science.

And on Thursday 4/10 in Cambridge, MA, I'll be at Harvard Bookstore in conversation with amazing science writer and MIT professor Seth Mnookin (author of The Panic Virus). That's at 7 PM, and it's free!

Also: I was pondering whether we should have an io9 meetup/cocktail hour on Thursday around 5:30 in Harvard Square before the bookstore event. Do you Boston-area folks want to do that? Where should we meet? Please suggest ideas in comments, and if we converge on one I'll announce the meetup officially tomorrow.

What the heck is this book even about? Please allow The Doubleclicks to explain, in this video below.

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