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See how Jim Henson made the insane puppets of The Dark Crystal

What was so absolutely mind-boggling about The Dark Crystal was how Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and the rest of the production team constructed the planet Thra and all of its denizens from scratch. From documentary aficionado BehindCurtain1, this is a 1982 behind-the-scenes documentary about the production (2, 3, 4), Check out how a fantasy world was constructed using practical effects.

[Via Nerdcore]

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Someone needs to man up and remake that film in CGI.

except darker and grittier!

and in 3D!

:p seriously though, I love The Dark Crystal but would love to see, at the very least, a sorta Special Edition like Lucas did with the trilogy.

just touch up some of the rougher special effects, lighting, etc...