The producers and director of Marvel’s Ant-Man had a difficult problem. You have a character who has to shrink, so how do you do that with modern technology? Do you go the Honey I Shrunk the Kids route and build huge sets? Or is there another way?

In the below clip, you’ll hear what they came up with. They call it the Macroverse, and basically they used real objects and made the cameras incredibly small. This allowed for footage to be shot against actual records, vacuums, cups, and so on. Then, a regular sized Paul Rudd could be digitally inserted into that footage and voila! You’ve got an incredible shrinking superhero in the year 2015.

This clip, which we’re exclusively debuting, is part of the special features on the Ant-Man Blu-ray, which hits shelves December 8 (though the digital download comes out November 17). In addition to more info on the macroverse, the release has a making-of documentary, deleted scenes, gag reel, commentary with director Peyton Reed and star Paul Rudd, and more.


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