See How a Slimy Sex Alien Was Created For One of This Year's Sneakiest Scifi Films

Chances are you’ve never heard of The Untamed. It was quietly released this summer and just hit Blu-ray this week. But once you see this behind the scenes clip, we think that’ll change.


The Untamed (which we reviewed here and you can see the trailer for here) is about a group of people going through some complex adult issues. Issues that, may or not be solved, by the slimy sex alien hidden in the woods.

No, for real.

There’s obviously much more to it than that and co-writer and director Amat Escalante uses his slippery sexual creation sparingly. But when you see it, you’ll never forget it, and in this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray’s 85-minute behind the scenes documentary, you can be a fly on the wall as the production tried to recreate just what the creature was going to look like.

Though this alien is a crucial part of Escalante’s film, it’s not the focus. The focus is the characters, the relationship, and the realism of the situation. Which is probably why The Untamed never got the kind of acclaim it probably deserved. It’s a quiet, subtle movie. But if you like slow burn science fiction, we highly recommend it. Plus, you know, there’s a sex alien in it.

Find out more about The Untamed here.

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You know, I appreciate learning about interesting new art, film, and literature from Gizmodo as much as anyone. It’s one of the big reasons I’ve kept coming back over the years.

I’m just a little tired of constantly hearing about interesting movies that I have no way of possibly seeing, probably for years if ever. So many of them never come out on DVD, never show up on Amazon or Netflix, and aren’t shown anywhere near Main Street U.S.A. It’s frustrating.

One line discussing the planned release path (limited theaters with a linked list, possible DVD release next year, etc.) would go a long way to alleviating this frustration when reading these articles, is all I’m saying.