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See for yourself how Europa Report brings life back to space movies

We've talked a lot about the beautiful realism and style of Europa Report, and you saw the trailer — but now here's your first clip from the film, showcasing just how much excitement this movie packs into a "realistic" treatment of outer space.


Like we've said before, the notion of a "found footage" space movie doesn't immediately sound great, but this clip gives a good taste of how the film uses its fixed camera angles to add excitement. Like the little interactions among the flight crew as the ship is officially leaving orbit, and all the ways we're reminded that nobody's actually left Earth orbit in decades. The realism actually boosts the thrill factor.

Europa Report is having its U.S. premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and will be out on VOD June 27 and in select theaters August 2.

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Marcin Radzikowski

Hummm...first failure of this "realistic" movie...astronauts wear full suits including helmets during launch...