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See Art Bots In Their Natural Habitat

Illustration for article titled See Art Bots In Their Natural Habitat

Need more robot art? Of course you do. Luckily, the Fish With Braids gallery in Jersey City, NJ is having a robot-themed exhibition. The standouts include Fred Kluth's comics and painting about Singleton the dog and his robot friend (see left), and a robot with a "strap-on heart" that registers your heartbeat. Also, "Lego-Master" Eric Sophie has been sculpting Lego for 18 years and is selling giant Lego robots for just $17,500 each. (Finally, an investment that's bound to go up!) [Fish With Braids]


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Look at his eyes! He's obviously experiencing some sort of hallucination from psychedelic drug use.

And the fact that the dog talks, and seems to have taken the same thing as the robot makes this even scarier.

When did they develop robot drugs anyway? And is my OP addicted to it yet?