See A Potato Create The Universe In The Life After #3 Comic Preview

The Bible says God created the universe in six days. It doesn't mention him being a potato. But in Joshua Hale Fialkov's new Oni Press comic The Life After, God happens to be a Cosmic Potato, and as you'll see in this 4-page preview, even Cosmic Potatoes have needs...


"So, at it's core, I don't want the book to be inherently offensive," explains Fialkov. "But, at the same time, I had to deliver a conceptual God that was more than just, y'know, a guy in a robe. I think the one single common theme across religion is that God is more than just a man (no matter how large). God is an abstract concept that feeds on our love. He grows and changes and... Cosmic Potato."


Potato-y Yahweh aside, The Life After is primarily about Jude, a man who discovers he's in the Purgatory for people who have committed the sin of suicide. With help from Ernest Hemingway (oh, indeed), Jude discovers he has the power to free those trapped with him from the bureaucracy of the afterlife, while going on the run from that same bureaucracy.

Obviously, given Robin Williams' recent death, suicide is a topic much on people's minds — and Fialkov's blog post on Williams is well worth reading — although The Life After is more a humanist adventure that an examination of the subject. "At the core of the book, I just want people to think before they judge," says Fialkov. "It's very simply about a man who sees that maybe following the word of a several thousand year old document is less wise than following what we know in our hearts to be true. The world is low on love, and, if we all make the effort to share and replace that absence, we might just make the world a better place."


The Life After #3 comes out on September 17th. Issue #2 came out just this week, if you're interested.

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