Zemo’s plan in Captain America: Civil War was full of so many twists, turns, and misdirects, it got your head spinning quicker than Spider-Man could swing his way around a Leipzig airport. But we’ve got a brand new deleted scene, making its debut here on io9, that shows a crucial early moment of that plan in action.


Included on the incoming home release of Captain America: Civil War, the scene sees Zemo—listening to the last voicemail message from his wife before she died in the Avenger’s battle with Ultron in Sokovia—meeting up with Doctor Theo Broussard, the psychiatrist hired by the Joint Counter-Terrorist Centre to interrogate Bucky Barnes. And fun fact: Broussard was played by none other than co-director Joe Russo, credited as Gozie Agbo!

It’s a short moment, but one that sets up the next big step in Zemo’s plan to destroy the Avengers. As we know in the final cut, poor Joe Russo gets offed by Zemo so he can take Broussard’s place, activating Bucky’s Winter Soldier programming so he could run amok. The only time we get to see Russo in the full film is when Broussard’s body is discovered in a Berlin hotel room, Zemo’s deception complete.

Captain America: Civil War will be out digitally September 2, and on DVD and Blu-Ray September 13th. As well as the deleted scene above(and more), the home release includes a behind-the-scenes documentary on making the film, a gag reel, audio commentary from the Russo brothers and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, and an exclusive sneak peek at the rapidly incoming Doctor Strange.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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