Secrets Of Super Max's Prison And Terminator 4's Killing Machines

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The playing field between humans and machines has never been slantier, judging from new spoilers about the new and deadly Terminators in Terminator 4 and the automated super-prison that Green Arrow gets locked inside in Super Max. We also learn a little bit more about the backstories of killer super-car movie Death Race and killer video-game movie Game. There are tons of new Heroes spoilers, including a video and a sneak peek at episode six, and a bunch of Chuck news. Also, some tantalizing hints about Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Eureka. Plus, your morning wouldn't be complete without another awesome Knight Rider video. (Right? Right?) You can't fight the unstoppable spoiler machine. Terminator Salvation: UGO has a roundup of Terminator Salvation spoilers, most of which we've already touched on at some point. A few details that jump out at me: T4 will be about the development of the Model 101 Terminator, which looks like Arnie. The T-600s, the ancestors of Arnie's T-800 model, are like Soviet tanks. And it's rumored there will be some Terminators with human brains inside them. [UGO] Death Race: Why does Joan Allen's evil prison warden organize a "Death Race" as a spectator sport? Because prisons have all become privately owned corporations, and they're all geared to make money. She's a sort of high-powered CEO type. [Sci Fi Wire] Super Max: The movie about superhero Green Arrow inside a supervillain prison features a prison building that's almost a character in its own right, says writer Justin Marks. As you'd expect, the prison has all sorts of special features to contain the super-powered baddies locked up there, such as a cell that can neutralize Icicle's freezing powers. "So to escape from Super Max they have got to go through the most elaborate heist we've ever seen, involving superpowers. Because the prison itself kind of has superpowers!" says Marks. Also, Green Arrow's squeeze Black Canary isn't in the film at this point, but Marks hopes she'll be written in. [MTV via Comic Book Resources] Game: So not only does a teenager control Gerard Butler in Game, but the teen doesn't realize that Butler is a real person, a death-row prisoner who's forced to compete in deadly sports. The teen thinks Butler is just a sim character. But somehow, Butler still manages to use his incredible fighting skills to escape the Slayers game and bring down its creator, Ken Castle. [CinemaBlend] Lost: Lost season five has already started filming... and the show has been needing Spanish-speaking extras. [Spoilers Lost] Heroes: Adam aka Takezo Kensei gets dug up in episode four of the new Heroes season, and he's pissed. Ando, Hiro and the Haitian have one scene together early on in the season that will have you in a fit of giggles. (Really.) And as we've mentioned, William Katt plays a reporter who harrasses Ali Larter's character about her past as a webcam girl, which she's not aware of. [E! Online] BuddyTV visited the Heroes set during the filming of episode six, and found Ali Larter in a car with Adrian Pasdar. Hiro is shining his sword in a magic shop for some reason, and he makes an Anakin Skywalker reference. Hiro stabs someone in the fifth episode of the season, and it's "not who you'd think." Also, Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) says it's not just about choosing between good and evil, but also between mom and dad. [BuddyTV] And here's a preview video, that contains revelations such as "this season will be slam-packed with excitement." [Heroes The Series]

Knight Rider: Just because I know you guys love it when we post Knight Rider stuff, here's another new video, which shows a way better look at KITT's Turbo Boost. [Knight Rider Online]

Chuck: And speaking of upcoming NBC shows about dweebs who interface with technology, here's another Chuck promo. [Spoiler TV]

Also, apparently the mysterious guy in the Fed-Ex uniform has two targets: Chuck and Sarah. [TV Guide] And in the Awesomes' wedding episode, Father Awesome offers to walk Ellie down the aisle because her own father isn't around, but this just freaks her out. [E! Online] Battlestar Galactica: Was it clear to you from watching BSG's midseason finale that the supposed Earth the fleet found had been destroyed in a nuclear holocaust? Well, apparently that was what had happened. Also, there is still some doubt as to whether it's really Earth, despite everything we've been told. [TV Guide] Eureka: So S.A.R.A.H., the smart house on Eureka, has her own Twitter feed. And today, she happened to mention that someone on the show is pregnant. Pressed for details, she clammed up. [Gin200168]

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