Secrets Of Star Trek, Torchwood And Sarah Connor

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Even though we're dreading the new Star Trek movie, we can't resist plunging our hands into the qagh bowl of spoilers. That's because we're total fiends for any and all spoilers, and we start every day with a binge. We also spoil Michael Gondry's new scifi film and unveil a scandalous new Torchwood picture, after the jump.

  • Michael Gondry's next film after Be Kind, Rewind will be about kids who invent a kind of water that makes you hear music when you drink it. At one point, the kids visit the end of time. Return Of The Ice Kings will be "a scientific story, but totally unrealistic," he not-explains. [MTV Movies]
  • There will be not just two, but three Spocks in the Star Trek movie, Leonard Nimoy revealed: Nimoy, Zachary Quinto and one other. We're guessing it's Baby Spock, because of the reports that J.J. Abrams was filming birth scenes set on Vulcan a while back. [TrekWeb]
  • But the other Trek spoilers, about Kirk being a bad student at the Academy and the Enterprise being built in Area 51? Are wrong, says screenwriter Roberto Orci. [TrekWeb]
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark will have a quick cameo in The Incredible Hulk where he meets with General "Thunderbolt" Ross — the first step in linking the franchises together for the inevitable Avengers movie. [MovieHole]
  • John Connor will be a reluctant savior in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, says producer Josh Friedman. And you should think of the show as "an alternate timeline" from Terminator 3. The show's third episode has Sarah investigating a cell-phone salesman who may play a role in the birth of Skynet, while John tries to settle in at his new school. [SpoilerTV]
  • Jamie Hector will play Knox, the crime lord who comes back to New Orleans to make Micah's life difficult, in Heroes Vol. 3. [HeroesTV]
  • Not only will Kyle XY's parents protect him from Madacorp, they also take him to the company picnic to confront the corporate overlords. [IESB]
  • Here's an early glimpse of time travelers Captain Jack and Captain John (James Marsters) smooching in an upcoming Torchwood, from the Sun newspaper. [Whedonesque]
Illustration for article titled Secrets Of Star Trek, Torchwood And Sarah Connor

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Josh Wimmer

@NefariousNewt: Sorry, I refuse to buy into the hackneyed notion that as soon as a movie is made, all of your old comic books magically disappear or somehow can no longer provide enjoyment. The notion that a movie — bad or good — "ruins" a title is as silly as the expectation that one medium can be translated into another without changing anything.

And as a longtime Marvel fan, I think their track record's been not bad this century. Hulk was an abomination (pardon the pun), Spidey 3 was pretty terrible, and I haven't seen the second FF yet, but I have no complaints about anything else.