Secrets Of Gondry's Utopia And Star Wars' Dystopia

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Here's a new clip of awesome train-jumping action, from plague-ravaged thriller Doomsday, which opens Friday. Two more clips below the fold show car-bezerkering, plus Malcolm McDowell giving away what may be a major plot point. In this morning's spoiler roundup, we also have a new hint about the direction of the PG-13 live-action Star Wars TV show, and tons of details about Michel Gondry's demented next film. Plus a look at the tail end of this season of Lost, and what's coming next year on Smallville. Click through to become a jaded, know-it-all spoiler whore.

It sounds as though Rhona Mitra's mission to a plague-quarantined Scotland, to find a cure for the plague which is starting to hit the outside world, may turn out to be futile. Unless, of course, Malcolm McDowell is wrong... which is almost unthinkable.

  • In Michel Gondry's next film, Return Of The Ice Kids (not Kings, as previously reported), teenagers invent water that makes you hear music while you drink it. And in one scene, a teenager relives a moment when he made a farting noise with his mouth during an exam, and everyone noticed, so he kept making noises "to cover his nerves," but it sounded like he was covering up a fart. Apparently this actually happened to the teenage Gondry. The kids in the film are "writing a book of peace," and it features some utopian scenes. [MTV movies]
  • The live-action Star Wars TV series, which takes place between episodes three and four of the movies, may be about a Sopranos-esque crime family during the rise of the Empire. [IESB]
  • Sam Rockwell's space traveler stranded in a moon base is "lonely but not alone," in Moon, the directorial debut of David Bowie's son Zowie, which just finished shooting. [ShockTillYouDrop]
  • Lost's ageless island-dweller Richard, played by Nestor Carbonell, will be back in at least one episode later this Spring, and his return leads to "interesting revelations." Also, in one of the season's final five episodes, we meet two Bedouin horsemen and a luxury doorman of "British extraction" in a flash-back or flash-forward... and they may have something to do with the enigmatic Charles Widmore. [Ask Ausiello]
  • With Lana missing for much of Smallville season eight, Clark's next love interest may be Lori Lemaris, the mermaid living among people from the comics. Also, season eight will still feature Chloe as a series regular, and may feature a fair bit of no-longer-regulars Lana and Lex too. [Ask Ausiello again]

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