Whole universes could crumble in season four of Doctor Who, just to bring back an iconic character from the show's distant past. At least, that's what one one poster on the Doctor Who Forum claims, based on information from a friend of a friend. (At least he feels embarrassed enough about that to add "yes I know!!" afterwards.) Some massive (and confirmed) spoilers, and some wild speculation, after the jump.

Fans keep insisting that Davros, the disabled scientist who created the evil cyborg Daleks, will make his first appearance since 1988 this year. And it may tie in with the return of Rose Tyler, the Doctor's companion who got stuck in an alternate, zeppelin-y universe. In a suggestion that sounds as much like fanservice as genuine possibility, here's just what might be happening at the end of the current season:

Davros uses weaponry from the Time War to destroy the ENTIRE alternate universe where [Rose] is trapped; a fortunate side-effect means that anyone not from that parallel universe is shunted back to this one, so Rose, Jackie and Mickey survive, but Rose loses her alternate father, galvanising her back into battle...


Wait. We're getting even more evil plunger robots this season? Even the person who busts that spoiler with another spoiler thinks Davros is coming back:

This rumor is busted, unfortunately. We know from filming that Rose "appears" to Donna a few times — somehow speaking to her through the breach [between universes]. That wouldn't be possible if that alternate reality were destroyed completely. She could just have a conversation with Donna anytime now that she's back in "our world."


The Daleks were dumped in the Void between realities. Chances are, the surviving Dalek from "Daleks In Manhattan" and "Evolution of the Daleks" has made contact with Davros, informed him of the Daleks' defeat, and Davros is experimenting with "hole punches" through reality to reach/rescue the Daleks. That would explain why Rose and Donna are able to contact each other across realities — and suggests Davros and the Daleks will both appear in the season finale.


One way or another, it looks like — if any of these rumors are true — producer Russell T. Davies is planning to end his reign with robots without legs, and fans' favorite television chav. [Doctor Who Forum]