Secret Project Underway To Halt Global Warming With Geoengineering

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A whistleblower has just reported on a secret organization in Australia called Bluebird, which is a heavily-funded geoengineering project to stop global warming. Now you can join the fracas by participating in the cool eco-thriller game called Bluebird.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is sponsoring the Bluebird alternate reality (AR) game, which is about a secretive company's efforts to geoengineer the planet and stop global warming. Should rogue geoengineers be allowed to get away with this? Do they have something more nefarious in mind than saving the Earth? It's a great scifi premise, and so far the movies and files associated with the game are pretty intriguing. There's already a "Stop Bluebird" organization, which has organized weird protests in Melbourne and Sydney, and an appropriately jingoistic page for the Bluebird project (which includes the friendly-scary video above). One of io9's favorite futurists, Jamais Cascio, was also involved in putting this game together.


Check out the game here, or just plunge into the madness by starting with whistleblower Kyle's website.

Image by homer4k.

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Corpore Metal

You know, considering the left-wing politics of some prominent billionaires I wouldn't put this beyond the realm of possibility. On the other hand pulling something like this off secretively, would have immediate international implications and, you can be damn sure various governments and multinational conglomerates would have something to say about it.