Here's the cover for Secret Invasion #6, which gives away a key plot twist:

Illustration for article titled Secret Invasion Spoilers 06/02

Captain America, Thor and Iron Man team up to fight the Skrulls for the first time since Avengers Disassembled. Of course, it's not really the same Cap or the same Thor, so their interactions will be a bit different in any case. By this point, Iron Man is in desperate straits, says Marvel editor Tom Brevoort:

His technology's been crashed, he himself is directly feeling the effects of the anti-Stark Tech virus, SHIELD is down, the world is in flames, the 50-State Initiative has been compromised


Brevoort says none of these three heroes is a Skrull. And there's at least a chance that this could lead to the threesome getting together more in the future. The status quo after Invasion will be a lot different than pre-Invasion. [IGN]

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