Is the way your wallpaper feels classified information? For Andy Lipman, Sensory Archiver, it might be. The paranoid British short film And I Refuse To Forget follows a man as he struggles to hold on to memories that are being displaced from his head by government secrets stored in his senses. Directed and written by British filmmaker Nuru Rimington-Mkali. The short was entered into a competition at Filmaka. Nuru's short won the entire contest and he'll be entrusted with a budget anywhere from $1 to $5 million in order for him to create a feature-length movie.

In Forget, any sensual experience can bring a state secret into Andy's mind. For example the sound of frying oil contains the results of illegal clinical drug trials in south east asia and Britain's nuclear launch codes taste like economy sausages. Through his day Andy struggles to keep the memory he hold most dear, the memory of his love. [Filmaka via Wired]