Seattleites Like Naming Pets After Geek Icons

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Live in Seattle and own a pet? Chances are, you’ve named them after something geeky. went through the names of every pet registered in the city, and found that many Seattleites have named their pets after pop culture icons.

The radio station played with the numbers that they obtained: Labradors and Chihuahuas are the most common dogs in the city, 14% and 5% respectively, and it seems that J.R.R. Tolkien has a particular influence on some pet owners:

J.R.R. Tolkien’s influence on pet names in Seattle extends beyond the Frodos, however. There are four dogs and two cats named Bilbo and two cats named Galadriel. A white cat from Mount Baker is named Gandalf.


To be fair, the top five names aren’t all that geeky: Lucy (658), Bella (485), Charlie (417) Max (397) and Buddy (340) make up the most common names, but there’s a fun trend of geeky names.

This isn’t something that’s limited to Seattle. My pair of cats bear the names Merlin and Arthur.


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Two cats named after gods, Eris and Bast, and two geek named cats, Zatanna and Midna (pictured below).

Of Zatannas kittens that were adopted.Two got named Pounce (Tamora Pierce books) and Binks (Hocus Pocus) and two were named Waltdorff and Statler (Muppets)