After being arrested on Sunday for pepper-spraying a crowd, Seattle costumed defender Phoenix Jones (née Ben Fodor) unmasked himself to local press on Thursday and affirmed his intentions to patrol the streets, despite this Tony Stark-style outing.


Jones may be the public face of DIY superheroics in the Emerald City, but he also divulged that he has a clandestine associate named Nightstick, who's more of an unhinged anti-hero. Reports Publicola:

Fodor says Nightstick-a friend of Fodor's from the mixed martial arts fighting world-is more interested in going out and thwomping bad guys than calling 911 and waiting for police. Fodor says Nightstick is already meting out street justice in Seattle, breaking up "six or seven crimes," and recently left a drug dealer handcuffed to a light pole.


It's official — we've moved out of the freewheeling Silver Age of public vigilantism and into the gritty Bronze Age (or perhaps the shoulder-pads-and-fanny-packs Hologram Cover Age). I find this slightly disappointing, as we never got to see Phoenix Jones get his own Bizarro evil twin, train a trusty Labradoodle to wear a latex cowl, or become transmogrified into a sentient calzone.

[Spotted on Bleeding Cool/video via KiroTV]

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