Season's Greetings From Turkey's Love Valley

Behold, Turkey's Love Valley. It's happy to see you, too!

In the inimitable words of the Daily Mail:

Visitors are flocking to a Turkish tourist attraction which has been dubbed 'Love Valley'.

The famous region of Cappadocia has seen an influx of tourists travelling by hot air balloon to check out the phallic-shaped pillars, which have been dubbed by some travellers, the 'c*ck rocks'.

The huge phallic formations may look like a homage to male fertility, but they have been naturally formed by erosion of the volcanic rock.


Some of the rock formations, which were created after volcanic eruptions three to nine million years ago, are over 100 feet tall.

For even more suggestively-shaped geology, head on over to Kuriositas, where a huge gallery of Love Valley photos await.

Photo by Nevit Dilmen.

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