Season 2 of Torchwood: Better, More Danger?

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Is it just the same old hype, or does this comment from actor Kai "Gwen's boyfriend" Owen about Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood's second season bode well for things to come? Here's what he says . . .


"I think it's got better [since the first season]. There's a lot more humor in it. When I'm sitting in on readthroughs or even viewing it for the first time you can see it - cos I don't really have much to do with the team. So I see mine and Eve's scenes, and that's come on and their relationship's developed more into more of a domestic couple. Then when I see or read the Torchwood team stuff, there's a lot more humour in it. There's a lot more banter, and the scripts just seem so much better... I think Torchwood knows what it is now. It's got an identity, and there's a bit more danger to it that seems to come across more." Oh. It's just the same old hype, isn't it? Torchwood Week: Kai Owen Interviewed []

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I'm with Falconfire on this one. The "adult" parts of series one seemed forced.

As if they had a bag with a certain number of curse words and adult situations in it, and at some point they would stop and pull something from the bag. So instead of coming off sounding or looking natural it came off like an eight year old who has just learned a new word.

That being said I am really looking forward to this series. I wish my cable provider carried BBC America, but since that is not the case I will have to wait for the DVD set. (yeah... sure... that is what I will do...)