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Searching for clues in the Russian Apollo 18 poster

Illustration for article titled Searching for clues in the Russian Apollo 18 poster

You've seen the trailer for found footage horror mockumentary Apollo 18 — now search for more clues in this Russian poster about the alleged 1970s mission to the Moon that went horribly wrong.


First off, we have to wonder if this is really a poster made for Russian movie-goers, or merely a US poster that aligns with the movie's plot. While watching the trailer, a few of you pointed out that the US crew of astronauts appeared to stumble across the corpse of a Russian cosmonaut, could this be that body? And speaking of the body, how are his eyes still watery? Is this remnants of a space epidemic that defies the laws of lunar physics? Also check out the downed lunar rover in the reflection. Can anyone get a read on where it's from? What else can you see in this creepy poster?


Apollo 18 will be in theaters April 22.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

The date is in european notation (DD.MM.YY). On the other hand, It is the US release date. Wouldn't itbe uncommon to share a release date with Russia?