Seanan McGuire Branching Out into Medical Thrillers About Parasites That Turn Against Us

She's tackled urban fantasy with the October Daye novels and zombies with the Newsflesh books, and cryptozoologists with the Incryptid books. And now Seanan McGuire, aka Mira Grant, is moving into the medical thriller genre. The good news is, it sounds like she's got a really fresh spin on the "medical science gone wrong" idea.

Top image: HeavensAbove/Flickr.

Here's how Publishers Marketplace describes the two books she just sold to Orbit Books, which will probably be out in a year's time:

Seanan McGuire writing as Mira Grant's PARASITOLOGY and SYMBIOGENESIS, a duology of science fiction medical thrillers pitched in the tradition of Frankenstein and Jurassic Park, in which parasites intended to bolster human immune systems rebel against their hosts


She also sold three novellas set in the Newsflesh universe. [Publishers Marketplace, subscription required]

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