Sean Murphy Is Getting His Own Batman Comic

Image Credit: Sean Murphy, via DC Comics

Sean Murphy’s been a staple in DC projects for years. His latest, an upcoming arc of All-Star Batman with Scott Snyder, is apparently the first of two new bat-projects he’s working on. The other will be his very own Batman series—and it’s sounding wild so far.

Murphy announced the news over the weekend, confirming that for the next two years he’s signed exclusively to DC Comics. Part of that contract covers an arc of the new All-Star Batman, the other covers a currently untitled Batman project that Murphy will write and draw himself:


And, at least judging by his cryptic tweets about the series, it sounds totally cool: Murphy is pitching it as his “Dark Knight Returns”—an elseworlds tale, his own Batman opus that will be told over what is currently planned as an eight part series. Murphy couldn’t add much more other than a release window of 2017, but here are just a few of the hints he dropped about what he plans to twist and tweak with the great Batman mythos:


Today, he even offered a sneaky look at some art from the book:


In a proverbial sea of Batman books—that have been doing some really interesting things with the character—this is already standing out as one we’re really looking forward to.



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