Sean Bean's Penchant for Dying on Film Has Him Starring as Hitman 2's First Elusive Target

All Hail Sean Bean the Undying.
All Hail Sean Bean the Undying.
Image: Warner Bros

Sean Bean is known for many things, thanks to his long career in film and TV—but mostly from that, he’s known for his characters often getting bumped off in dramatic fashion. So much, in fact, that the next Hitman game has hired him to be Agent 47's next big target, in a very silly manner.


Announced this morning, Bean is lending his talents and likeness to the first Elusive Target of Hitman 2—limited time event missions returning from 2016's Hitman, where players have to track down and assassinate a particularly challenging target added to one of the game’s maps, where failure means you can’t try again.

As you can see in the cute live-action teaser above, Bean isn’t playing himself as an actor who’s “died” endlessly onscreen for our amusement. Instead, he’s an ex-MI5 agent turned contract killer named Mark Faba, colloquially known as “The Undying” for repeatedly faking his death on missions in increasingly elaborate manners. Like, say...dying in a fiery explosion.

You see what they did there. I wonder if he got his head lopped off at one point?

Hitman 2 players will have the chance to contribute to Bean’s ever-growing death count from November 20—a week after the game itself comes out on November 13—and will have 10 days to do so.

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Curiosity led me to an article with this interesting info:

  1. Christopher Lee - died in 60 of 280 films, a 21.4% rate. 10 of those times as the same character (Dracula). Interestingly, has also played “Death” 5 times (4 in Discworld titles)*.
  2. John Hurt – dead in 45 films out of 205
  3. Bela Lugosi – ended in 36 films out of 116
  4. Vincent Price – shuffled off in 32 films out of 201
  5. Samuel L Jackson – merked in 28 films out of 176
  6. Sean Bean – curtains in 25 films out of 119
  7. Charlize Theron – taken leave in 25 films out of 52
  8. Liam Neeson – rubbed out in 24 films out of 119
  9. Michael Biehn – conked it in 24 films out of 102
  10. Mickey Rourke – bought a one-way ticket in 22 films out of 77
  11. Shelley Winters – become obsolete in 19 films out of 162
  12. Gary Busey – assumed room temperature in 19 films out of 172
  13. Robert De Niro – cashed in his chips in 19 films out of 115
  14. Bill Paxton – kissed his arse goodbye in 15 films out of 93
  15. Sigourney Weaver – turned up her toes in 13 films out of 82

* this last bit wasn’t in the article, I just looked it up separately myself.