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Sean Astin's Audition for The Goonies Is Predictably Adorable

Sean Astin posted his audition for The Goonies.
Sean Astin posted his audition for The Goonies.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Even kids with famous parents need a big break. For Sean Astin, that break was The Goonies. Astin, son of well-known actors Patty Duke and John Astin, had done only two small TV movies before landing the lead role in the Steven Spielberg-produced film. From there, he became an instant star, forging a career filled with more iconic roles than most people could ever dream of.


All that had to start somewhere though. And recently, Astin showed fans exactly where that was. The actor took to his Instagram to reveal an eight-minute audition he did at the age of 13 for The Goonies. He performs a scene that was changed in the final movie, explaining why he and his friends should go after the “rich stuff.” It’s a very cute scene, which Astin tries multiple times as someone (we think director Richard Donner) gives him various directions.

Check out the YouTube version below; you can also view it on Astin’s own Instagram.

Watching the audition, you can clearly see Astin’s talent and charisma. He’s charming, he’s believable, you want to follow him on an adventure. From Goonies to Toy Soldiers to Rudy to The Lord of the Rings to 50 First Dates and Stranger Things, it’s been lovely following Astin’s career so far, and we’re always excited to see what he does next.


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