Scully Spills What She's Missed About Mulder

Mulder and Scully are back solving creepy mysteries in this new X-Files: I Want to Believe trailer that just appeared online. And there are two new viral videos that appear to be brief therapy-like sessions of Mulder discussing his feelings about Scully, and vice versa. As for me, "I want to believe" that this time these two will get married, move to the suburbs, buy a pair of chocolate labs, pop out a few kids and solve crimes from their basement. Click through for the therapy videos and minor spoilers.

The trailer includes rapper/actor Xzibit ordering what appears to be a search party over a snowy terrain and Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben from BSG) giving you the old shifty eyes. Between the little girls trapped under the ice, crazy Bill Connolly's blood-hued eyes and the predictable emotional tension between Mulder and Scully it could turn out to be a solid X Files. [Movies Online and IGN]


And here are those viral videos:

Fox Mulder on Dana Scully:


Dana Scully on Fox Mulder:

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@Calraigh: I have no idea how that spelling arrived in that comment.Nope.None. I am English-speaking after all.So, once more with feeling, ''This is one of the most EFFECTIVE TEASER trailers I've seen.''


@Silver_Back: Also, I'm straight but I totally swoon for Scully.Sooooo,maybe not that straight.But I swoon for Mulder more in a sexytime way. Oh yes.

Oh god I'm regressing to the point where I need to seek help because of this movie...!