Screw zombies and robots. Hollywood will bring us the clone uprising!

Plenty of movies are going to portray the harsh post-apocalyptic world after robots or zombies rise up. But what about clones? They look like us, they think like us, and they may even know what we know.

Now at last, Hollywood is preparing to tell the truth about the horrifying realities of the clone uprising. Dimension Films snagged the movie rights to How to Defeat Your Own Clone by Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. Johnson — who was a regular io9 contributor and author of io9's Ask a Biogeek column. The book is a comedy guidebook in the style of How to Survive a Robot Uprising.


The movie script is being adapted by Ed Ricourt, whom Variety describes as "an alum of Marvel's writing program" who also wrote the in-production film Now You See Me. Variety says the movie version will be about "a man trying to help humans dominate over clones after a biotech revolution." Just remember — never trust a clone! [Variety]

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