Go on. You deserve more than a quarter portion.

Star Wars fans will obsess over the most minor details from the movies, and Rey’s instant-bread from the early sequences of The Force Awakens was definitely a thing that people obsessed over. (Seriously, go search Twitter for “Rey Bread.”) When the first details of how the practical effect for the movie first came out, fans were upset to hear that it wasn’t exactly the most edible substance. But now there’s a far more edible recipe, and you can make your own.


Yes, this is where we’re at now, Star Wars fandom. From wookiee cookiees to Rey bread. There’s some compromises in Jenn Fujikawa’s adorable recipe for Polystarch. (Of course it has an official name.)

This cake-like bread rises in a microwaveable mug, rather than expanding from powder added to water like scifi magic. It’s probably a bit sweeter and richer than what Rey would be used to as well. But hey, it’d be a fun thing to serve at a Force Awakens viewing party when it comes out on Blu-ray in a couple of months. Check out the full recipe at the link below.



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