Screw Sam Raimi, This Is The Spider-Man We Want

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Marvel have started streaming the 1970s Japanese Spider-Man TV show on their site, and it's not only not what you'd expect, it's about a million times better. Machine-Gun-Shootin', Giant-Monster-Fightin' Spidey, we love you.


We don't know whether it's some strange rights issue or just editors filled with an incredible sense of giving, but you only have to make it as far as the theme music of the show ("Eyes sparkle with a flash of anger/Spider-Man!") to realize that this 1978 adaptation of the popular wall-crawler is truly a thing of obscure wonder. Replacing Peter Parker with motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro was just the first inspired move of many - but don't take our word for it; watch for yourself:
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New episodes will be posted on Marvel's site every Thursday. Don't ask why, just thank them.

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Andrew Freedman

So they're following the Power Ranger formula to the tee.

1) Give emotional teenager powers.

2) Make them fight evil.

3) Make evil big.

4) Call in the megazords!

It was good for a laugh ("An emissary from hell! Spider-man!"), but I can't see myself dropping half an hour for this every week.