Screenwriter Clears Up Details About That So-Called Labyrinth 'Reboot'

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On Friday, we heard that the classic fantasy movie Labyrinth was slated for a reboot. Well, the writer of the next Labyrinth, Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) took to Twitter all weekend to deny that it was a reboot of any kind.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the story, saying that Tri-Star had made a deal with the Jim Henson Co. to “produce a new iteration” of Labyrinth. At the time, The Hollywood Reporter said that it was “unclear” if the new project was a “reimagining of the story or a sequel,” but their headline used the catch-all phrase “reboot.” Although Entertainment Weekly was able to find out that it was actually sequel that was being planned.

Of course, all of this news breaking the week after David Bowie passed away made this whole thing sounds ghoulish and as a blatant cashing-in on the Labyrinth star’s death. Which is why Perlman, the writer of the sequel’s script, took to Twitter:


So, now we know that it’s not a “reboot”—although, honestly, we have reached a point where any project related to an older one with any kind of significant change (like the cast) is a “reboot.” Perlman also calls it a “continuation,” which seems to confirm the report that it’s a sequel that’s being considered. And it’s been in the works since before Bowie’s death.


Which makes sense, since we heard a rumor in October as well as it’s requisite denial. Back then, it was said that there was always talk of a sequel, but never any actual movement. This could mean that the studio actually took the next step because of the swell of interest following Bowie’s death—not that Perlman had anything to do with that decision.

It’s hard to tell if the story came out now because of Bowie’s death or if his death pushed forward something that’s been in the works for a while. Either way, it wasn’t great timing.


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I swear to God if they cast Johnny Depp as the Goblin King I’m leaving this planet forever.